x-debt_wThe South-North International Campaign on Illegitimate Debt is an intensified effort of debt campaigners all over the world to compel governments and international financial institutions to cancel and/or repudiate illegitimate debt. Building on national, regional and global initiatives, the campaign seeks to raise greater public awareness and promote grassroots actions aimed at ending illegitimate debt. It also seeks to reshape the terms of the debt debate by challenging the dominant debt framework peddled by international financial institutions (IFIs) and by advancing critical analyses and people's perspectives. An International Facilitation Team (IFT) composed of JUBILEE South , JUBILEE USA Network, EURODAD and CADTM serves as catalyst and facilitator for the various campaign initiatives. Read more...
PAID! Press Release: Independent Citizens' Debt Audit Commission to be launched Monday
Tuesday, 04 March 2008
Amid the ZTE-NBN scandal and other illegitimate deals

Independent Citizens' Debt Audit Commission to be launched Monday

MANILA, Philippines-Three days after the mammoth Inter-Faith rally in Makati City against the alleged role of the First Family and corruption in the overpriced ZTE national broadband network deal, debt campaigners and other concerned citizens are now ready to conduct their own investigation of  illegitimate loan-financed projects and programs.

Created in response to a petition initiated by the People Against Illegitimate Debt (PAID!) movement, the Independent Citizens' Debt Audit Commission will be launched on Monday (March 03) at the University of the Philippines (UP) Law Center .  The thirty (30) individuals of proven probity, credibility and expertise, and coming from different sectors of society, will take their oath as members of the Citizens Commission.

Illegitimate Debt Bulletin, Issue 5
Monday, 03 March 2008
Click here to view the E-Bulletin 5 which features activities during the WSF 2008, and many articles on ongoing/new campaigns and actions on illegitimage debt.


Chasque aquí para visión el E-Boleti'n 5 que ofrece actividades durante el WSF 2008, y muchos artículos sobre campañas de ongoing/new y acciones en deuda del illegitimage.


Cliquez ici pour regarder l'E-Bulletin 5 qui comporte des activités pendant le WSF 2008, et beaucoup d'articles sur des campagnes d'ongoing/new et actions sur la dette d'illegitimage.

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Week of Global Action
logo_wgaThe debt problem is not over, despite all the promises and schemes offered by lending governments and international financial institutions.
The debt continues to exacerbate poverty and rob the peoples of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific of their human rights
  • to health, education, housing, water and all the other essential goods and basic services which should be available to all
  • to livelihoods, living wages and job security
  • to healthy environment and sustainable use of ecological resources
  • to independence and political autonomy
  • to self-determination in economic development and all other aspects of national  life
It is a scandal that the rich world continues to demand hundreds of millions of dollars every day from the South, in payment of ‘debts' that have emerged from unjust economic relations that impoverish the South and enrich the North. Visit the Week of Global Action Website.
Action Alert
Liberia Needs Your Voice!
Petition on the Government of Austria to cancel the "toxic debt" claimed from the Philippine Gov't