x-debt_wThe South-North International Campaign on Illegitimate Debt is an intensified effort of debt campaigners all over the world to compel governments and international financial institutions to cancel and/or repudiate illegitimate debt. Building on national, regional and global initiatives, the campaign seeks to raise greater public awareness and promote grassroots actions aimed at ending illegitimate debt. It also seeks to reshape the terms of the debt debate by challenging the dominant debt framework peddled by international financial institutions (IFIs) and by advancing critical analyses and people's perspectives. An International Facilitation Team (IFT) composed of JUBILEE South , JUBILEE USA Network, EURODAD and CADTM serves as catalyst and facilitator for the various campaign initiatives. Read more...
Illegitimate Debt Bulletin, Issue 7
Monday, 21 July 2008
Illegitimate Debt Bulletin #7 is out.  Featured are the following:

2008 Global Week of Action vs. Debt and IFIs Set for October 12-19

Actions against the G8

Ø    Open letter calling for immediate debt cancellation for Haiti
Ø    JS APMDD at the G8
Ø    People's forum in Mali: the African G8 counter-summit
Ø    Action against the G8 in Belgium (Liège) - Tchant-Ché kicks the G8!

Ø    South-North meeting on illegitimate debt
Ø    UN consultation emphasises unfinished debt agenda
Ø    Are lenders serious about the 2015 debt crisis?

Ø    The 2008 International Critics' Week at the Cannes festival selected Philippe Diaz' movie
       The End of Poverty ?

Campaigns and Action Alerts


Ø    NICARAGUA Illegitimate Debt to Venezuela? - Jubilee South-Nicaragua
Ø    23-06 / 27-06 |Quito - Seminar on the Bank of the South
Ø    Quito - Meeting of lawyers, 8-9 July


Ø    Adoption of the shameful directive « Liberalism and European Solidarity »
Ø    SCOTLAND - Update from Jubilee Scotland
Ø    Spain : Who Owes Who Campaign - Alternative Summit on Oil
Ø    Belgium - No Development Without the Emancipation of Women


Ø    Africa Jubilee South will hold its general assembly August 5 - 11, 2008 in Nairobi
Ø    Congo Brazzaville
Ø    Mauritania


Ø    JS APMDD at the ADB AGM in Madrid, Spain

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Challenge to the G8 Governments
Thursday, 17 July 2008
The gathering of the most powerful countries of the world is an occasion for the people of the world to demand that this G8 Summit address the twin ‘tsunamis' that plague humanity today - the food and climate crisis - and the continuing problem of Debt that has contributed significantly to these two crises and exacerbate their impacts.

The Injustice of the Debt Burden and the problem of Illegitimate Debts

The payment of huge amounts of debt service amplifies the effects of the food and climate crises and hampers the ability of countries and peoples of the South to deal with these crises. This is part of the injustice of the debt and for this alone debt cancellation is urgent.

 But the debt is more than just the problem of losing much needed resources to debt payments. Debts used for harmful projects or to impose harmful conditionalities such as those which contributed to the food and climate crises are illegitimate debts and should not be paid.

The Food crisis

The high price of oil, worsening climate conditions and price manipulation by domestic and international trading cartels and speculators have certainly contributed significantly to the abrupt, massive increase in the prices of food. But the food crisis can be also be traced to economic policies that have been imposed on the countries of the South for decades, with the use of debt, access to credit and debt relief as instruments for coercion.

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Week of Global Action
logo_wgaThe debt problem is not over, despite all the promises and schemes offered by lending governments and international financial institutions.
The debt continues to exacerbate poverty and rob the peoples of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific of their human rights
  • to health, education, housing, water and all the other essential goods and basic services which should be available to all
  • to livelihoods, living wages and job security
  • to healthy environment and sustainable use of ecological resources
  • to independence and political autonomy
  • to self-determination in economic development and all other aspects of national  life
It is a scandal that the rich world continues to demand hundreds of millions of dollars every day from the South, in payment of ‘debts' that have emerged from unjust economic relations that impoverish the South and enrich the North. Visit the Week of Global Action Website.
Action Alert
Liberia Needs Your Voice!
Petition on the Government of Austria to cancel the "toxic debt" claimed from the Philippine Gov't